Slides for the Account Certification Workday Process lesson.

UVA's Annual Financial Report for 2023

Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards (ARMICS) is an initiative of the Department of Accounts (DOA) for all state agencies within the Commonwealth of Virginia. The primary purpose of ARMICS is to ensure fiscal accountability and safeguard the Commonwealth's assets.   


The Commonwealth of Virginia has designed ARMICS to achieve the following objectives:

Workday reports that have a summarized Obligations column often have a lot of “noise”.  Workday shows all journals (full transparency) related to the account.  For obligations, that includes the journal that moves it into the obligation ledger as well as any journal that liquates that obligation (or zeros out that obligation) when it moves from an obligation to an actual in the actuals ledger. 

Here is an example of what that can look like:

In Workday there are 3 ledgers – Commitments, Obligations, and Actuals.   

Commitments - Accounting related to funds for future known or expected spending (pre-encumbered).  The commitments ledger is utilized to track journal entries for requisitions and payroll for unfilled positions.  


Obligations – Accounting related to funds that represent obligations to pay (encumbered).  The obligations ledger is utilized for purchase orders and payroll for filled positions.  


The approver for some transactions (i.e., Account Certifications, Accounting Journals, etc.) with a Gift worktag will depend on whether the Gift is in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy. 

  • Gift in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy, the approver will be the Cost Center Manager.

  • Gift NOT in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy, the approver will be the Unit Gift Manager. 


All about Activity Stream, added functionality in Workday

Guidelines for some of the most common transactions occurring in Workday, with the purpose of establishing consistent accounting methodology across UVA.  

How do I clear obligations?

This white paper answers questions about expendable fund balance and explains the basis of accounting and report parameters for expendable fund balance.

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to help employees navigate the resources available to find their Expendable Fund balances.

The final fund balance realignment submission deadline has come and gone for entries booked to ledger 3999:Fund Balance Prior Year.

A new journal source (FY22 Fund Balance Adjustments) is now active in Workday's Create Journal business process that will allow units to separately track additional entries related to their beginning fund balances within the 8904:Non-Mandatory Transfer ledger account. A few things to keep in mind when using the FY22 Fund Balance Adjustments Journal Source:

This NDA is for Access to the University of Virginia Gift and Endowment Agreement Database. 

Signed agreements must be sent to UVAFinance via Ask Finance prior to the security access request being approved. The non-disclosure agreement can be physically signed and scanned or signed electronically by each individual necessary for completion. To sign electronically within Adobe, please have both individuals use the Fill and Sign tool.

Stakeholders can use this Cheat Sheet to determine which course(s) will best address their Workday Financials questions. These courses are available as self-paced training and can be searched by title in Workday Learning.

The Decision Tree maps out corrections paths for certain tasks. See file at the bottom of the page for a graphic decision tree.


Workday tasks used to correct the FDM worktags on posted transactions


Internal Service Delivery:

This cheat sheet is designed to help accountants determine when to perform an accounting adjustment versus creating or reversing a journal in Workday. 

It is our policy to review and update uncashed checks annually. State law requires us to report and remit the funds to the state if the check is uncashed for a specific period of time. To prevent us from reporting and remitting your check to the state unclaimed property office, please respond to us no later than October 1, 2023.