How to log into TravelUVA and what to do if you can't access your account
Procedure for how to mix personal and business travel
Procedures on companion travel
Procedure for upgrading a flight or tail ticket
Guidance and recommendations for driving a personal vehicle while on business
Preferred method of payment for travel expenses
Limits and procedures for claiming actual meals and day trip meals while traveling
This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) walks employees through the process of viewing expense reports in Workday and performing related actions including canceling, changing, or editing an expense report.
International meal per diem rate guide based on travel date and destination
Domestic meal per diem rate guide based on travel date and destination
Information on liability insurance coverage for leased/rental vehicles
Procedures to follow when renting a vehicle
CBT and TravelUVA contact information
Procedure for using CBT's Lowest Price Guarantee if you find a cheaper fare online compared to Concur

The official answer is no. However, some of our travel vendors offer discounts to employees for personal travel.

CBT agent booking fees
Procedure for tipping and gratuity
How to claim meal per diems for a business trip
Guidelines on mileage and parking costs while commuting to work

Parking fines are not an allowable expense for University faculty, staff, or students.