Use this form to request a change, new, or deletion of a Worktag for Cost Center, Program, Activity, or the hierarchy.
This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk non-employees through the process of submitting reimbursements.

When is the last period that will be reconciled in Recon@UVA?  

June 2022, due July 30th, will be the last fiscal period reconciled in Recon@UVA.  Workday Account Certification will be used after the transition to Workday Financi

The view of the Account Certification Awaiting Me and the Account Certification Awaiting Me – Detailed reports are limited to 100 Account Certifications on the Account Certification Actions dashboard.    However if you follow these steps, you can get your full list of the Account Certification that are awaiting you.

On the Account Certification Actions Dashboard

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Account Certification Awaiting Me or the Account Certification Awaiting me- Details report.

Year-End Closing Dates in a downloadable PDF format. 

Web Format

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk a Multi-Funding Source Manager (Projects) through project funding set-up in Workday.  The Multi-Funding Source Manager (Projects) role is given on a very limited basis.  If you do not have the role and think you should have the role, please talk with someone in your dean’s office or your unit’s finance office before requesting the role. 

Slides for the Projects & Multi-Funding Source Management - Refresher for MFS Manager

Guidelines for some of the most common transactions occurring in Workday, with the purpose of establishing consistent accounting methodology across UVA.  

This QRG is designed to walk usersthrough pulling a report that will show them all payroll journal linesthat hit the “suspense account” set up for their cost center.

As the Preparer for Account Certification, you can work on the Account Certification until you press Submit and send it forward to the Approver.  If for some reason you find that an Account Certification is no longer available to you, but you still need to work on it, the only option is to have the Approver send it back to you.  Unfortunately, the Central Finance Account Certification team cannot step in and send the Account Certification back to you.  You will need to contact the Approver, and ask them to open the Account Certification and select the Send Back button. 


This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to help employees navigate the UBI module, Workday NACUBO Function Analysis

This document describes the gift worktag.

See this spreadsheet for Gift Attribute Types.

This document describes assignee worktags.

This document gives the basics of designated worktags.

A Cost Center (CC) is an area within a school/unit that owns a subset of revenues and/or expenses. They report funds available and manage multiple fund sources. The legacy Oracle term Organization most closely translates to Cost Center in Workday Financials terms, but some schools and units have broken their organizations into smaller section to take advantage of Workday's increased cost center functionality. Therefore, you may find that one Oracle org is split into multiple Cost Centers in Workday Financials.  

Here are some things to consider when creating a Cost Center:

This document explains what the function worktag is and where and when it is used at UVA.

This document gives summaries, examples, and max field lengths for all FDM Worktags

These slides illustrate the basics of the FDM