How to log into TravelUVA and what to do if you can't access your account
Procedure for how to mix personal and business travel
Procedures on companion travel
Procedures on booking a private or chartered flight
Limits and procedures for claiming actual meals and day trip meals while traveling

Select a new itinerary on the same airline as your ticket credit. Complete your reservation as usual. When the ticketing agent at CBT fulfills your ticket order they will apply your credit and charge any applicable change fee to your credit card on file. If there is a residual value left over, that will appear in your unused ticket list in AirPortal. If your credit is all used it will disappear from your unused ticket list. Some airlines allow a residual credit and some do not. Some allow the change fee to be taken out of the credit and some require you to pay it separately.


Procedures to follow when renting a vehicle
Information on liability insurance coverage for leased/rental vehicles
Required documentation to bring to the airport

Agent-made reservations do sync to Concur. They will appear under 'My Trips' and 'Upcoming Trips' on the landing page in Concur.

On the Home travel page, review the Upcoming Trips section. For more detailed information, click the appropriate trip name in the Trip Name/Description column.

The University's visitor policy during the COVID-19 pandemic
The University's travel policy during the COVID-19 pandemic
CBT and TravelUVA contact information
Procedure for using CBT's Lowest Price Guarantee if you find a cheaper fare online compared to Concur
View a list of benefits of booking travel through TravelUVA
Overview of TravelUVA
Policy on staying at an Airbnb, VRBO, or other alternative lodging