The report Details for Account Certification can help.

In Workday, type Details for Account Certification in the global search.  Select the Worktags that match your Account Certification.  This will give you a report with all the details.  You can export to Excel.   Pro tip:  Keep the Details for Account Certification open in Workday to drill into transactions you need more information on. 

When is the last period that will be reconciled in Recon@UVA?  

June 2022, due July 30th, will be the last fiscal period reconciled in Recon@UVA.  Workday Account Certification will be used after the transition to Workday Financi

This white paper answers questions about expendable fund balance and explains the basis of accounting and report parameters for expendable fund balance.

Most likely these are related to a taxable gift.  To verify, you can run the Details for Account Certification report for the impacted worktags and find transactions that originally posted to Spend Category: Employee Recognition Awards Cash & Non Cash taxable (SC0564). These amounts are often related to gift cards that are taxable to employees and therefore, the expenses are assessed the wage fringe rate.  This does not occur until month-end close, which is why you’re seeing it now on your Account Certification.

November and December 2022 Account Certifications have been delivered and are ready to reconcile.  Reviewing both months at the same time, might save some time in the review process. The steps are below. You can also see a video demonstration here.

This appears for a Medical Center employee or position is funded by Academic or UPG FDM strings. The forward accruals functionality is used by the Medical Center to estimate payroll costs through the end of a financial reporting period, but while these expenses may appear as part of month-end close, they are reversed out with an accounting date of the 1st of the next fiscal period. 

Check your level of security - if they are outside of your Cost Center or Cost Center Hierarchy, you would need Security Access at the Company level to process their PAA. 

Why is Worker Position - Period Activity taking precedence over the costing allocation I had set up?

Workday follows a costing allocation hierarchy.  If an employee is receiving pay through a Period Activity Pay, this takes precedence over any other costing allocations that may be set up for that worker (Ex.

This video shows how to review details for both months; use only if helpful.

This video illustrates how to work early on November 2022 Account Certifications:



This PDF FAQ describes how to pull a report that will allow you to get started with November reconciliations that haven't been created due to the halt with the project multi-funding source engine.

If you see this error, when trying to look at your Account Certifications:

You have limited or no access to the Account Certification ledger balances. Please contact your Administrator.

No – you can not add attachments to the Account Certification after it’s been submitted.

Stakeholders can use this Cheat Sheet to determine which course(s) will best address their Workday Financials questions. These courses are available as self-paced training and can be searched by title in Workday Learning.

The Decision Tree maps out corrections paths for certain tasks.  See file at the bottom of the page for a graphic decision tree. 


Workday tasks used to correct the FDM worktags on posted transactions


Internal Service Delivery:

·         Correction via Accounting Journal

This is a current known issue and the FST Account Certification team is actively working with Workday.  We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Right now – you have two options if you need to delegate the Account Certification:

The 4100:  Federal Grants and Contract ledger account, is where grant revenue is posted. This will look different depending on Contract Line Type.  If the Grant is a Cost Reimbursable grant, you will see the amount in the 4100 ledger account line match the total expenditures including the F&A expenditures because this is the amount that will be reimbursed by the sponsor when invoiced by OSP. If the grant is a Fixed Amount grant, you will only see revenue matching the amount of the payment we received from the sponsor.

Your focus when working on a Grant Account Certification should be on certifying that the expenditures in the expenditure ledger accounts are appropriate or marking a variance if they are not.

If you are a reconciling a Gift, Grant, or Designated, and you see Funding Source Reclassification transactions: