For previous months Account Certifications that were already pushed out, You can request the account certifications be reassigned using the Reassignment Request Template within the Account Certification UBI. Request Account Certification Reassignment Quick Reference Guide

The report Details for Account Certification can help.

In Workday, type Details for Account Certification in the global search.  Select the Worktags that match your Account Certification.  This will give you a report with all the details.  You can export to Excel.   Pro tip:  Keep the Details for Account Certification open in Workday to drill into transactions you need more information on. 

When the Account Certifications are created, it is associated to a position ID. 


If your position changed and:

  • You had previous Account Certifications that still needed to be completed.


  • In your new position, you are still responsible for completing the Account Certification.


The Gift account certifications are always routed to the Cost Center Fiscal Specialist to be prepared.  However, they are routed to an approver depending on whether they are in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy or not.  Those in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy will route to the Cost Center Manager for approval.  Those that are NOT in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy will route to the Unit Gift manager for approval.

The approver for some transactions (i.e., Account Certifications, Accounting Journals, etc.) with a Gift worktag will depend on whether the Gift is in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy. 

  • Gift in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy, the approver will be the Cost Center Manager.

  • Gift NOT in the Allocated Gifts hierarchy, the approver will be the Unit Gift Manager. 


If you have a long list of Account Certifications to complete, you may want to find a way to prioritize your list.  In the Account Certifications Actions dashboard, you will find the Account Certifications Awaiting Me – Detailed report.   This report will help you prioritize and make it easier to complete you Account Certifications.

There are a few ways to find that information to find who is listed in the process for an Account Certification,

  1. Remaining Process button

Within an Account Certification,  you can select the Process subtab. 

The Internal Service Provider (ISP) contact information can be found in Workday.  There are multiple ways to find the information. 


  1. Use the Internal Service Provider Information report.

The Internal Service Provider Information report in Workday provides you with points of contact based on who has been assigned as the ISD Data Entry Specialist for the ISP.

No, since Account Certifications are excluded from users’ inboxes, delegation does not work for the account certification business process. 

Instead of using delegation, use the Reassignment Request Template within the Account Certification UBI module to request that an account certification be directly reassigned to the person you would like to Prepare or Approve the account certification.  

The view of the Account Certification Awaiting Me and the Account Certification Awaiting Me – Detailed reports are limited to 100 Account Certifications on the Account Certification Actions dashboard.    However if you follow these steps, you can get your full list of the Account Certification that are awaiting you.

On the Account Certification Actions Dashboard

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Account Certification Awaiting Me or the Account Certification Awaiting me- Details report.

As the Preparer for Account Certification, you can work on the Account Certification until you press Submit and send it forward to the Approver.  If for some reason you find that an Account Certification is no longer available to you, but you still need to work on it, the only option is to have the Approver send it back to you.  Unfortunately, the Central Finance Account Certification team cannot step in and send the Account Certification back to you.  You will need to contact the Approver, and ask them to open the Account Certification and select the Send Back button. 


This white paper answers questions about expendable fund balance and explains the basis of accounting and report parameters for expendable fund balance.

November and December 2022 Account Certifications have been delivered and are ready to reconcile.  Reviewing both months at the same time, might save some time in the review process. The steps are below. You can also see a video demonstration here.

  1. Type Details for Account Certification in the search bar. 

On the Details for Account Certification screen

This appears for a Medical Center employee or position is funded by Academic or UPG FDM strings. The forward accruals functionality is used by the Medical Center to estimate payroll costs through the end of a financial reporting period, but while these expenses may appear as part of month-end close, they are reversed out with an accounting date of the 1st of the next fiscal period. 

Check your level of security - if they are outside of your Cost Center or Cost Center Hierarchy, you would need Security Access at the Company level to process their PAA. 

Why is Worker Position - Period Activity taking precedence over the costing allocation I had set up?

Workday follows a costing allocation hierarchy.  If an employee is receiving pay through a Period Activity Pay, this takes precedence over any other costing allocations that may be set up for that worker (Ex.

If you see this error, when trying to look at your Account Certifications:

You have limited or no access to the Account Certification ledger balances. Please contact your Administrator.

No – you cannot add attachments to the Account Certification after it’s been submitted.

The 4100:  Federal Grants and Contract ledger account, is where grant revenue is posted. This will look different depending on Contract Line Type.  If the Grant is a Cost Reimbursable grant, you will see the amount in the 4100 ledger account line match the total expenditures including the F&A expenditures because this is the amount that will be reimbursed by the sponsor when invoiced by OSP. If the grant is a Fixed Amount grant, you will only see revenue matching the amount of the payment we received from the sponsor.