The report Details for Account Certification can help.

In Workday, type Details for Account Certification in the global search.  Select the Worktags that match your Account Certification.  This will give you a report with all the details.  You can export to Excel.   Pro tip:  Keep the Details for Account Certification open in Workday to drill into transactions you need more information on. 

November and December 2022 Account Certifications have been delivered and are ready to reconcile.  Reviewing both months at the same time, might save some time in the review process. The steps are below. You can also see a video demonstration here.

If you see this error, when trying to look at your Account Certifications:

You have limited or no access to the Account Certification ledger balances. Please contact your Administrator.

This is a current known issue and the FST Account Certification team is actively working with Workday.  We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Right now – you have two options if you need to delegate the Account Certification:

The 4100:  Federal Grants and Contract ledger account, is where grant revenue is posted. This will look different depending on Contract Line Type.  If the Grant is a Cost Reimbursable grant, you will see the amount in the 4100 ledger account line match the total expenditures including the F&A expenditures because this is the amount that will be reimbursed by the sponsor when invoiced by OSP. If the grant is a Fixed Amount grant, you will only see revenue matching the amount of the payment we received from the sponsor.

Your focus when working on a Grant Account Certification should be on certifying that the expenditures in the expenditure ledger accounts are appropriate or marking a variance if they are not.

If you are a reconciling a Gift, Grant, or Designated, and you see Funding Source Reclassification transactions:

First, you will want to check the roles.  You can find the roles that will become the Preparer and Approver HERE.  You can look up who has those roles using the UBI app Workday Security Roles.

The tools have changed, but job of the Preparer and Approver has not changed with the implementation of Workday Account Certification.


The person responsible for the detailed reconciliation, including maintenance of source documents to verify all transactions are legitimate.

If you don’t agree with a charge (if you think the charge is not correct on the account you are reconciling), you mark it as a variance.  You remove the amount of the charge you disagree with from the total of that Ledger Account to Certify amount.  For example, if you have a ledger account that has a total of $500, but you disagree with a $200 PO that was charged to this account (it should have been charged to another account), you would put $300 in the Amount to Certify and a Variance of $200 will show. 

This was a Designated worktag created as a Suspense account of sorts. 

The team is using this to set up CC in Adaptive (penny in, penny out).  In this case, you shouldn’t see any total amount in this Account Certification because the money was moved back out.

If they Account Certification is for a Designated DN99999 and you see a 0.00 in the total column, that is probably due to either Adaptive budget seeding  (penny in, penny out – to set up the CC in Adaptive) or something that hit “Suspense” with the new FDM mapping and was moved in July. 

If this cases, you can review to make sure that is what it is, and you can approve. 

You can find all Account Certifications by running the Status of Account Certification Report.   Enter the worktags for the Account Certification(s) you are looking for.   This report will tell you the status of the Account Certification as well as who all Prepared/Approved at that time.

If you select View More at the bottom of the Account Certifications Awaiting Me table (found on the Account Certification Actions landing page), it will open the Account Certifications Awaiting Me table up fully.  At the top of that report, you will see the number of items in the table which is the number of accounts you have left to reconcile.

We had to embed an approval step as part of the Preparer workflow so that we could ensure separation of duties should someone inadvertently be identified as both the Preparer and the Approver.  In Workday world, a “Review” step (which is what allows for the Preparer to note variances, etc.) is not considered a formal approval so we had to insert that automated step to ensure systematic controls.  You do not have to take action.  The Account Certification is now sitting with the Approver.  The visual below helps clarify this.

Yes - When multiple people are assigned to a Role on any worktag (e.g., Grant, Cost Center, Gift, Project, etc.) that is affiliated with Account Certification, they all are assigned the corresponding Preparer/Approver role for the worktag.   Any person assigned the Account Certification can take action (submit).  Once action is taken, the Account Certification will be removed from all Preparers/Approvers Account Certifications Awaiting Me table.

The attached pdf illustrates the Account Certification Process

The attached pdf lists the roles for Account Certification

No, items are not physically “checked” during Workday’s Account Certifications process.  The functionality shows all activity from the fiscal period being reconciled (per worktag combination) and cannot filter out items that have been approved on the front-end versus not.