View the Expense Item Descriptions chart to view which spend categories are tied to which expense items.

Procedures on companion travel
Preferred method of payment for travel expenses
Information on personal transactions on the T&E Card
Procedures for using the T&E card
How to expense a personal transaction on a T&E card and correct an accidental reimbursement of a T&E card charge in Chrome River
Guidelines on what purchases should and should not be purchased on the T&E card
Common T&E Card actions including lost/stolen card, fraudulent charges, how to dispute a transaction, and how to use your T&E card for international travel.
Guidelines on when the T&E card may be used for non-eVA excluded items
How to prepare for using your credit card while traveling in another country.
Policy on staying at an Airbnb, VRBO, or other alternative lodging
Procedure for tipping and gratuity
Determine if parking fees are allowed to be reimbursed
Procedures for purchasing and expensing food
How to expense a fraudulent charge
Procedure on booking and expensing bundle travel.
Deadline to submit T&E transactions in ExpenseUVA
Steps to follow to reset your password for Bank of America Works.