Creating an accidental reimbursement is caused by either:

View the Expense Item Descriptions chart to view which spend categories are tied to which expense items.

Procedures on companion travel
Preferred method of payment for travel expenses
Procedures for using the T&E card
How to expense a personal transaction on a T&E card and correct an accidental reimbursement of a T&E card charge
Guidelines on what purchases should and should not be purchased on the T&E card
Guidelines on when the T&E card may be used for non-eVA excluded items
Policy on staying at an Airbnb, VRBO, or other alternative lodging
Procedure for tipping and gratuity
Determine if parking fees are allowed to be reimbursed
How to expense a refund or credit on a T&E Card
Cancelling a T&E Card for departing and departed employees
T&E cards for Students or Non-Employees

No. Please refer to the Goods & Services Guide for preferred payment methods. Payments should be made by PO, Supplier Invoice request, T&E card, or personal credit card/cash for reimbursement. Goods and services purchased with a gift card, airline miles, personal unused ticket credits, credit card points, or similar are not reimbursable.  

Receipt file types accepted on expense reports
BOA self-help resource guide for declined T&E card transactions
Information on personal transactions on the T&E Card
Procedures for purchasing and expensing food